You have to begin with the knowledge that there is nothing perfect in this world.

Our job is not to hunt down perfection and live within it.

It is to take whatever broken pieces we have found and sew them together as best we can.

- Rabbi M. M. Schneerson-

I Am Jewish, written and performed by the very talented Andrew Lustig.

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We Jews are in our 5779th year on this earth!  Who would have believed this possible?  If anyone had told Abraham that his people would be around this long, he probably would have been astounded.

Imagine, we did this without beheading anyone, without a single suicide bomber, without kidnapping and murdering school children, without slaughtering Olympic athletes and without flying airplanes into skyscrapers.

We lasted this long despite 400 years as slaves in Egypt, 40 years of  wandering in the desert, the mighty Roman army who nailed us to ten thousand crosses; despite the best efforts of the Christian crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition, Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, Stalin's gulags, Arab wars of annihilation, 100 years of Arab Terrorism, and 800 hate-filled UN resolutions!

How did we Jews do it?  We did it by concentrating our efforts on education, love of family, faith, hard work, helping one another and a passionate dedication to life no matter what evil befell us!

We hung in there in hope the rest of the world would one day overcome its hatreds, jealousies, violence and join us in a life of cooperation and mutual respect.
We're not there yet, but we're still hopeful. And when we enter our places of worship, this is what we pray for with all the strength in our hearts.

May this year be filled with good health, happiness, laughter, success, joy, and kindness and may the coming year bring peace and security to Israel and to the Jewish communities throughout the world.

Hativkah - sung at the Western Wall